Transform Your Space
Into A Kid's Experience  

EyePlay is a virtual indoor playground that engages children, gets them active, has no wear and tear and is germ free!

EyePlay Offers: 

  • Endless hours of fun, and up to 15 children can play at the same time

  • A safe environment that can be used year round

  • Nothing to break, Nothing to take

  • A wide variety of attention grabbing games

What benefits come from having a virtual indoor playground? 

EyePlay will begin improving the customer experience the day it is installed at your QSR. Those who have seen the system in action already understand how much kids love the fun and engaging games and want to come back to play them again and again.  

The Magic of EyePlay 

Each EyePlay system is equipped with MotionAware technology, which is Total Body Gaming.  By interacting with the projected images, children can activate animations, trigger sounds, play games and interact with content applications in an exciting and memorable way. 

For more information - please visit EyePlay
914-273-4634 • Email: Sales@EyeClick.com

“Families love it. All three new installations are getting rave reviews from families.”  
John H. Wright Burger King® Franchise Owner

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